Some Causes of Stress. Owing the Government Money. Do you owe the Canadian Government?

May 03, 2011 390 Comments

I normally write on Natural Health, Natural Healing and Home Remedies but I thought it my duty as a CANADIAN to shed a little light on the Canadian Constitution, also referred to by many as the B.N.A. ACT. Now you may say, what does a writer on Natural Health know about Politics. Well you know the […]

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Are you Suffering from Depression ?

Apr 29, 2011 96 Comments

I want to talk a little about Depression of the Brain and the chemicals that warrant such a depression or should I say the imbalance of certain chemicals causing depression. Causes of Depression vary so please hang in there at all costs. I have suffered from depression and deep depression so I know a little […]

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Definition of Meditation

Apr 29, 2011 85 Comments

Meditation : A mental discipline, refers to the practice of an individual training his or her mind to self induce a stete of spiritual consciousness To Ponder, to contemplate, to go over and over a word or phrase, to memorize. According to Wikipedia;  Since the 1960s, meditation has been the focus of increasing scientific research […]

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Definition of Addiction. What is It?

Apr 28, 2011 91 Comments

Addiction;  ” a psychological and physical dependance. ”  ” dependance and tolerance of a substance with no speculation or thought of the consequences involved with abuse of said substance. ”  ” the compulsive use of a substance or an activity.” Addiction What is it? Is it Chemical Imbalance of the brain? Is it an Obsession […]

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Definition of Depression

Apr 28, 2011 968 Comments

Depression: ”  is a low state of mood with a low drive and an aversion to activity.”

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