Mixing Proper Nutrition for Optimal Health and The Best Anti-Ageing Tips.

Aug 24, 2011 165 Comments

Is it possible that certain nutrients taken simultaneously has a greater effect for the best health results and optimal health. Is that why they are always preaching, make sure you get a balanced diet. Well I am sure that most of you are fully aware that Collagen is extremely good for joints. Sure our bodies […]

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Mental Health Problems? Why all the Problems? Is there a Cure for Mental Illness?

Aug 05, 2011 799 Comments

What are some of the causes of your mental health problems? Heredity, Environment, Nurturing, Faith, and Dedication to Good Work Ethics. There you have it in a nutshell if you haven’t noticed from those in life that are succeeding and haven’t allowed it to go to their heads. You have five fingers on one hand […]

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Have you lost your Manhood? Erectile Dysfunction can be Erased and Manhood Resurrected.

Jul 19, 2011 167 Comments

Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction or even worse the desire to make love to your wife anymore. Stop right there for a moment and just take in what I am about to say on erectile dysfunction and your loss of your manhood. First of all as we age we lose one most important hormone […]

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Prayer to God. How to Pray?

Jul 11, 2011 95 Comments

Do I believe in Prayer. Lets just say I’d be dead today if I didn’t. Now I want to share a little about myself and my life and how I have learned to turn lemons into lemonade. Well the doctor only gave me 3 weeks to live almost 5 years ago and now not only […]

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A Weightloss Tip, to Help you Lose Weight Fast, to be Fatfree.

Jun 25, 2011 814 Comments

I know what you are thinking. Another Guru out there to help me lose weight, but how much does this guy want? Right. Zilch, absolutely nothing, I just want to help you to help yourself and that is all. All you need is the tools and the desire. The tools meaning the knowledge on what […]

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