Dangers of Gland Blockages in the Body

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Since we are talking about the glands of the body it is imperative that I talk about a gland blockage in the body.

As I stated before a blockage in the body leads to other infirmities since it becomes a domino effect. For example the liver is a prime example, the liver is the filter of the human body and is such an important gland I cannot talk enough about it.

Not only is it a filter but it is responsible for detoxifying the body of many poisons and oxidants. If your liver is not working properly because it has been abused by filling your body with an overabundance of poisons and chemicals then your kidneys will not work properly which in turn will lead to your pancreas not working properly and hence the domino effect all because one gland is not working as God has intended it to.

The liver is one of the largest glands of the body next to the skin which is the largest. Everything that we eat or drink must first pass the small intestine which is filled with millions of tiny suction cup like organs called villi of which their purpose is to grab every molecule from the material inside the small intestine and pass these molecules on to the surrounding blood vessels.

The blood in these vessels instantly takes these molecules to the liver where they are split up into their component atoms. The segregated atoms are then cataloged and assigned to other atoms which in turn form new molecules of the kind the body calls for and which the cells and the tissues of the body can use. What started off as sugar and starch and fatty acids is likewise broken down into their respective molecules and these in turn are disintegrated into the separate atoms composing them and reassembled to form glucose which is stored and released into the blood stream for delivery when needed.

Furthermore other functions of the liver are concerned with fat and protein metabolism. It breaks down the hemoglobin of the red cells which have already served their purpose and stores copper, iron, and other trace minerals for instant use when needed.

So here you can see how important the liver is, it delivers glucose (sugar) to different parts of the body when needed as well as filtering the body of many toxins and poisons. So the liver is naturally involved in the collection of the various molecules composing the many vitamins necessary for our well being.

Again it all boils down to nutrients of which we get our word nutrition.

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