What a way to Start the Day. Prayer

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Have you ever thought, wouldn’t it be nice if everything just went perfect all the time, with no problems glitches or disappointments not mention major and minor stresses in life. Well it would be nice in a perfect world but then we don’t live in one of those do we?

I can truly say with all my heart that when I get down on my knees and ask for God’s Guidance, Blessing and Direction in Life in the morning, that my day seems to go much easier even thought there may be lots of stuff happening all the time. It is like I am given a supernatural power to overcome fear, disappointment, stress and anxiety. I call this Power to Overcome ” Grace “. I truly trust with all my heart that God is going to take care of me no matter how much I have bungled things up in my life to the point of beating myself up and flogging myself for all my inadequacies.

Now when I mention the Word Grace which is so widely used in our transluscient and multicultural society whereby I wonder if many people even truly know what the word means. The word Grace in the Vine’s expository dictionary of New Testament Words describes Grace as follows: ” God’s unmerited favour and the ability to do in life the things we could not normally do on our own. ” In other words supernatural power ” God’s Power “- through His Spirit.

Even though many people debate the fact the we are Spiritual Beings in a Mortal Body, the fact is undeniably true. Many tests have been done on many different people on this planet that are undergoing stress tests. It is very interesting to note that those people who sang in a choir or prayed on a regular basis actually had less of the compound known as Cortisol in their blood stream which is our Stress Hormone which goes up and down when undo Stress occurs. This can often lead to many other complications within the human body. If you’ve never heard the saying “Stress is a Killer” it is true. Many people try many ways to manage stress since they are aware of it’s reaction on the human body to other biochemical feedback within our bodies.

Now if you truly want to Acquire Stress Management and live maybe a little longer and joyful why not give some of the Stress in Your Life to the one who made you. God is only a Prayer away and I think you will notice a great difference in your life when you begin to Trust in Him as Lord, Saviour and God. Start right where you are when you get up and give him all your troubles. He may not take them away but he certainly will show you how to deal with them with Less Stress than you need or want. You will see your life change not to mention how you react with others and maybe become more calm than normal as you receive His Supernatural Power ” Grace ” Through Faith and Prayer. God Bless Have a Great Day

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