How do you feel about yourself? Low Self Esteem? Suicidal Thoughts? How is your Mental Health?

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It occurred to me recently that maybe I haven’t written an article lately on one of the most important topics since mankind first came into existence? Who’s to blame Adam or Eve ? Just Joking but not really when you consider the whole paradigm.

How do you feel about yourself? What are your core beliefs. Now please look inside on this one. I am not talking to your head at all. I am talking to your heart and yes there is a huge difference. When I say core beliefs I don’t mean what religion you are, you are predjudice or not, Or you think you are a nice person. That would be talking to your head. I mean deep down inside how do you really feel about yourself? Do you feel ashamed you made some bad decisions in life? Are you Angry at the world, yourself and others because someone has wronged you and hurt you immensely like a spouse leaving, boyfriend or girlfriend breaking up on you, Or mad at God for someone close to you dying before their time. What did Adam do when God gave him Shit. He blamed Eve. LOL True Story read it for yourself. I’s our nature to blame others for own own shortcomings isn’t it?

I found it necessary to write this story since I was in a bad car accident just over a week ago. Of course my first inclination was to blame the other driver for going through a red light or going too fast. But maybe it wasn’t her fault and just maybe I went through a yellow light that turned red just half way through the intersection. The point I’m trying to make here is simple. It never is our fault, is it, we all like to blame others.

Now I visited my family last weekend for a couple days since I had to return the rental car back to the car rental company. It had to be back Monday morning and I didn’t want to abuse my insurance company’s kindness for extending my allotted time for a car from 7 days to 10 days. I got it back to the leasing company on time by 10 am. My brother-in-law dropped me off at the Go Train Station so I could make my way back to Oakville via Union Station in Toronto. We stopped at Pickering and could not go any further on the tracks than Pickering Station. The Conductor came on the speaker phone saying sorry for your inconvenience ladies and gentleman but due to difficulties on the tracks we all must disembark on buses to take us to Scarborough two stops ahead. My first thought was a child was maybe playing on the tracks and hurt himself. But as we all found out soon someone had just commit suicide and jumped in front of the train. Oh My God! What made this person think the way they were thinking. Was life really that bad?

I bring up this story because many times in life things don’t go the way we had planned. Do they? I can attest to this absolutely with no reservations or discrimination. Since I have had many dreams and hopes in life that have many times been blown to pieces with C-4 Explosives of the highest grade.

Now here is the Paradigm I want you to consider this scenario for a moment. If you are depressed and have thought of committing suicide to end the pain. Wait a minute till you here a little on my story

My first wife married the lawyer who did the Divorce. My second wife moved in with a biker only 3 months after we were married and tried to go after 3 of the 4 properties that I owned prior to even getting married to her.I eventually lost 3 houses, a condo, and $75,000 in RRSP’s I had, trying to keep my properties afloat. I got Cirrhosis of the Liver 10 years ago from almost drinking myself to death. My Doctor gave me only 3 weeks to live. So tell me, do you think I can relate to someone going through Depression and blaming the world for all his problems. Absolutely but that’s not the end of the story just the beginning.

I know what it is like to escape into a dream world and not want to come out. At first I couldn’t forgive myself for all the many bad decisions I made in my life. But recently I have had a major transformation I cannot explain. Some would call it a Paradigm Shift, others a revelation or a spiritual awakening or maybe just a plain old wake up call. Someone recently asked me. Tom, do you love yourself. Wham! Right between the eyes. Down I went, Wow what a punch. The answer was, I did not. Well if you don’t love yourself you will never be good to yourself or anyone else for that matter. You have to learn to love yourself and that means taking care of yourself and not doing anything to harm yourself or others. I was harming myself first off my running away from myself at first and self medicating in a bottle. Then after many years of not drinking I started all over to run away from myself by escaping into the dreamworld of gambling. This counsellor friend of mine continued to tell me that I am the most important person in my life. Since I know you as a person of one who prays Tom, They said, Try adding this to your morning meditation. I am responsible for my own decisions and I am responsible for my own actions. I am not going to run away from myself any longer. And Yes, I am going to be good to myself today. One Day at a Time.

By the way, The Problem with running away from yourself is, you always have yourself with you no matter where you go. So why not be Good to yourself instead. Now for myself, I can only speak for myself, If I’m not good to myself I am definitely not in a position to be good to others around me, Am I?

For the first time in many years I am starting to be good to myself again and truly love myself. If God Loves me which I know he does. Then I definitely have to love myself. And for me that means doing the next right thing. Don’t Drink or Gamble, Help out Others and let God change me into the person I know he wants me to be. But for the Grace Of God.

Finally. Get yourself a Good Bible and just start reading it. Ask God to manifest himself to you and he will. A good place to start would be the Gospel of John and keep on reading. The Apostle Paul, a man who wrote most of the new testament said these words ” I can do all things through Him, who strengthens me.” Phillipians 4:13 ESV P.S. If you are an Alcoholic go to AA and work the steps
If you are a someone addicted to drugs go to NA. If you have turned to the dream world of Gambling, as I did, to try and escape a life of boredom, restlessness, self pity and anger then go to GA. You will meet other people there who think and act just like you. You are not alone. And you will meet many new friends. And you will find your purpose in life. To Love and Help Others. God Bless

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