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What is Candida Disease?

Jun 28, 2010 107 Comments

Candida is a buildup of yeast within the human body usually within the digestive tract or bowels that accumulates over time and does not allow the digestive system to function properly. This blockage of yeast left unchecked slows down the metabolism and disrupts the immune system from working at it’s optimal potential. Remember it is […]

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What is Disease? And What about Heart Disease?

Jun 28, 2010 Comments Off on What is Disease? And What about Heart Disease?

The term disease ( Dis ease) derived it’s meaning from a distortion or a disruption of ease within the human body. To simplify it would mean a blockage within the human body. Just as God has designed nature to be in harmony with itself meaning that everything is orderly, arranged and dependent on everything else […]

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Your Amazing Body – The Best Healer Of All

Jun 28, 2010 913 Comments

There is not a machine built by man today that is more amazing, complex or as miraculous as the human body. If only we would reverent and respect this gift from God and treat it right it would treat us right. This beautiful computer the human body has amazing abilities that totally baffle even the […]

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The Amazing Heart and Heart Disease

Jun 28, 2010 131 Comments

Yes let’s talk about the heart and heart disease. Not only is it the strongest muscle of the human body, but that little pump of yours actually pumps between 10,000 to 11,000 quarts of blood throughout the human body in a 24 hour period with only about 5 quarts of blood in the body. For […]

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Heart Supplements. From My Heart to Yours.

Jun 28, 2010 714 Comments

If you have ever had a heart scare or a stroke then please take this article to heart. From my heart to yours listen closely please. I had to write this important article since heart disease is the number one killer of mankind today. I have to get to the point of talking about supplements […]

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