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Fasting – Why is it so Important ?

Jun 28, 2010 724 Comments

Your body is at work 24/7 processing the food that you have just eaten 5 minutes ago, 2 hours ago or 12 hours ago it does not matter. The only time your body gets a chance to rest is when you sleep. Now when it comes to the glands and organs of the body your […]

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The Importance of Water

Jun 28, 2010 741 Comments

Since your body weight is mainly made up of chemicals, of which approximately 65 % is Water and the balance of Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Chloride, Blood, Cerebral Spinal Fluid, Flora etc etc etc. then lets talk about them for a bit. Water for example along with Food, is a vital necessity of life. When you exercise […]

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A Woman’s Dream Weight Loss Made Easy

Jun 28, 2010 765 Comments

The fact of the matter when it comes to weight loss it can become very easy, once you understand the human body and how it works. How to lose weight can be a shear joy instead of a daunting task or a burden too hard to achieve since you may lack the will power to achieve […]

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Attaining a Healthy Lifestyle Through Juicing

Jun 28, 2010 746 Comments

I want to stress one very very important point to all those looking to attain a healthy life and keep it. It’s all about nutrition and blockages within the human body. It’s that simple. I do not want to complicate it by giving you a thousand reasons people get sick. Yes I am a huge fan of Dr. […]

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A Weight Loss Tip to Help you Lose Weight Fast

Jun 27, 2010 724 Comments

I have to stay on the topic of weight loss since obesity is such a major problem making it a global epidemic. In the U.S. alone last year obesity accounted for over 34 % of Americans while this year an astounding 70 % of Americans are overweight or have a problem with Weight Loss. It […]

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