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How do I Prevent Diabetes ? Is it Possible There is a Diabetes Cure ?

May 27, 2011 982 Comments

Since diabetes is almost in third place with Alcoholism and Addictions to be being the third killer of mankind in the U.S. I thought it might be wise to place careful scrutiny on observing this deadly malady of mankind that is killing millions in North America alone. First of all before I get into Diabetes […]

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What about Heart Disease and Cardiomyopathy ?

May 19, 2011 Comments Off on What about Heart Disease and Cardiomyopathy ?

Well since we are back on the topic of heart disease, since it is the number one killer of mankind in the world, I thought it might be beneficial if I shared some important information about heart disease and cardiomyopthy.  What is Cardiomyopathy? It is called by most ” heart muscle disease ” but can […]

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Resveratrol, a Natural Remedy to Dementia and Heart Disease

May 14, 2011 851 Comments

What is resveratrol, and where does it come from? Resveratrol is a protein, natural phenol and an antioxidant found in the skin of grapes, acai-berries, blueberries, strawberries, noni-berries, goji-berries, and cranberries primarily, and it’s health effects are numerous, which is why we must understand this precious commodity found in nature. That is why I love to talk about […]

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Radiation. The Effects to our Food and Body. Diseases

Apr 21, 2011 138 Comments

Since there is so much talk in the media about Japan’s Nuclear Disaster and the fallout from Radiation and it’s effects, I thought I would attempt to bring about everything that Radiation can do to us, our food, our precious pets and what could become a pet lovers nightmare. That is if you want to be […]

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Early Puberty and Cancer. Diagnosis Cancer. What do you Mean ?

Apr 17, 2011 92 Comments

It is not my intention to slam dunk parents so to speak here in the following words you are about to read, only to brighten our horizons or shed a little light on the important subject of nutrition. To monitor what goes into our children’s mouths is of the utmost importance to their human body especially  when it comes to poor […]

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