About us

Greetings to all looking to attain good health and keep it.

The reason I have decided to set up a website to help others is very simple. You might say that God has given me a second chance at life and I want to use it to my utmost to help others attain good health and keep it. If you notice I never used the word perfect health as there is no such thing in the sense as long as we live on this planet breathing the chemicals in the air that we breath then we will never have perfect health, we will only have very good health at best as long as we are doing the right things to attain it. I want to tell you a little of my story so you know where I am coming from.

My name is Tom Cincurak and I am 49 years old. In the Spring of 2006 just over 4 years ago I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. The doctor gave me 3 weeks to live as I drank myself to death due to a failed marriage losing all my properties which were 3 houses and a condominium on Riverside Drive in Windsor. My wife left me and I could not stop drinking nor did I want to until the doctor said to me one day “ Tom, you are dying and you only have 3 weeks to live.

That was my wake up call and let me tell you, when your doctor tells you that, I hope you are ready to meet your maker because you are going to meet him real soon. Your liver is so far gone that I don’t believe it will heal itself unless you quit drinking and get into some kind of juicing program. Your blood tests show your Hemoglobin level is 3350 and normal is 40, your Potassium level is 4400 and normal is 60 and on and on he went.”

I went for counseling and met a man named Chuck D who I confided in that I was dying and only had a couple weeks to live because my liver, kidneys and pancreas were almost entirely shot. Chuck told me not to worry and not to drink and that he would teach me a little about Juicing (making your own juice with fruits and vegetables )in order for your body to heal itself. I was shocked, he said to me “God has given us a wonderful body that will heal itself given the right set of circumstances”. The immune system will fight off sickness, cure diseases and heal itself naturally as long as you are putting the right nutrients into your body.

He introduced me to another man named Jim W who was also an avid juicer and beat testicular cancer through juicing. It seems Jim also was on death’s doorstep many years before and Chuck brought him carrot juice into the hospital every day for one month. Now keep in mind the doctors also told Jim he only had 2 months to live and guess what, Jim is still alive today and helping many others regain their health through Juicing and Naturopathic means. Jim told me after learning everything he could through reading many books both of the Juice man Jay Kordich and Norman Walker the very first pioneer of the juice machine that we have today. Norman Walker was a Doctor as well as a Naturopath who lived to be 99 years of age and cured thousands of people of many sickness’s and diseases through juicing fruits and vegetable, fasting, and colon flushes.

Doctor Walker taught that 85% of most sicknesses and diseases that inflict most people can be cured naturally. He was a firm believer that because of the chemicals in the air that we breath, and the food that we eat not to mention a blockage in one of the glands of the body or arteries is one of the main reasons that people get sick. Dr Walker believed that just as chemicals destroy our bodies so by replenishing the right chemicals into our bodies through juicing could restore our bodies to Natural Health. One of his sayings was “ the right nutrients and live enzymes are the catalyst for the rejuvenation of damaged cells within the human body. “

This is what I am going to teach you on this website.

We are going to look at the reason people get sick in the first place and what are some corrective measures we can do naturally to heal our bodies through our own miracle working immune system. We are going to look at why making your own juice is an essential step to regaining our health, why fasting is so important and why so many faith healers of old used fasting and herbs and roots to heal people that were sick many many years ago, why a Colon Flush is so necessary to allow the human body the freedom to cleanse itself and allow the glands of the body the opportunity to work at their utmost potential, and also why a Candida Cleanse is so important to allow your body to go from Acidic to Alkaline thus allowing the body the freedom to heal itself naturally as God has intended not to mention clearing the body of many toxins,  poisons and yeast that has built up  over the years.

If you put into practice the things that are recommended in this website not only will your body heal itself you will lose weight like never before and you will just want to help others do the same. You will have more energy, vitality, strength and agility and you will come to the understanding as I have that we truly have a Creator that loves us so much by giving us a body that will heal itself naturally if we let it by doing the right things and putting the right things into our bodies.

Sincerely Yours

Tom Cincurak