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Healing Power and the Power of Prayer and Natural Remedies.

Apr 26, 2011 736 Comments

I have written quite a lot lately on Natural Healing, and what I like to call Natural Remedies and Natural Therapy but I have failed to write on the greatest ” Healing Power ” which many refer to as the ” Power of Prayer. ” Now it is not my intention to fool you into thinking […]

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Radiation. The Effects to our Food and Body. Diseases

Apr 21, 2011 138 Comments

Since there is so much talk in the media about Japan’s Nuclear Disaster and the fallout from Radiation and it’s effects, I thought I would attempt to bring about everything that Radiation can do to us, our food, our precious pets and what could become a pet lovers nightmare. That is if you want to be […]

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Early Puberty and Cancer. Diagnosis Cancer. What do you Mean ?

Apr 17, 2011 92 Comments

It is not my intention to slam dunk parents so to speak here in the following words you are about to read, only to brighten our horizons or shed a little light on the important subject of nutrition. To monitor what goes into our children’s mouths is of the utmost importance to their human body especially  when it comes to poor […]

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