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All Talk and No Action

Jun 28, 2010 731 Comments

I can give you the best advice on the planet on how to get healthy, lose weight, eliminate toxins and rid your body of disease, the list goes on and on, but if you do not put my advice into action it is good for nothing. A good friend once said to me ” a […]

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What a Wonderful Headache

Jun 28, 2010 703 Comments

I took my own medicine for a change. I had a booming headache this morning a friend called up and said lets go sailing so I did, despite the fact my head was booming. Within an hour of sailing my headache was totally gone no aspirins nothing just started doing something I love doing to […]

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Energy – The Life of God or Sheer Electromagnetism

Jun 28, 2010 815 Comments

It’s all about Harmony verses Dis-Harmony, everything flowing the way it was meant to flow or a blockage. You Choose Life or Death? The following words you are about to read are the most controversial words you will probably ever come across on our planet, we as human beings with an intellect have the right […]

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Naturopathic Cancer Cures by Natural Enzymes

Jun 28, 2010 961 Comments

Being that Cancer is the number 2 killer in the world next to heart disease, I think it’s noteworthy to talk about don’t you? I personally have two close friends that beat cancer by doing some of the things I talk about in this blog. Both friends are into Juicing and make their own juice. […]

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Heart Supplements. From My Heart to Yours.

Jun 28, 2010 714 Comments

If you have ever had a heart scare or a stroke then please take this article to heart. From my heart to yours listen closely please. I had to write this important article since heart disease is the number one killer of mankind today. I have to get to the point of talking about supplements […]

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